Taktifol - Ice Hockey Roll T-IC-2501

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Taktifol Roll Ice Hockey

Taktifol ice hockey, statically charged and therefore self-adhesive playing field foil, printed with an ice hockey field.

The Tactifol trainer foil sticks easily - even several times - to almost any reasonably clean surface. (Wood, glass, stone, metal, wallpaper, etc.)

The tactics film from Taktifol is the ideal alternative to the heavy tactics board

. There are 25 pitch sheets measuring 60x80cm on a roll of tactics. The playing field foils can be separated individually from the roll with a perforation.

Easy to write on with our clock stick markers:

  • wipeable, almost residue-free when using our tactile markers
  • permanent when using the tacticick permanent markers

In addition, the ice hockey foil from Taktifol offers an ideal base for the self-adhesive tactical symbols (see accessories).