Flexvit MinY band - Crass (azure blue) 40615


Special order 3-5 weeks

The miniband made of the original FLEXVIT material, exclusively developed for children and teenagers. Resistance, elasticity and size are adapted to the physical requirements of young athletes and allow an age-appropriate and effective training of physical basics.
three different levels and exclusive colours
enable young athletes a slow approach to the stresses and strains of competitive sports
optimal use for injury prevention and posture training in school, club and at home
allows physiotherapists and rehabilitation trainers to successfully perform the usual corrective exercises with children and adolescents
Made in Germany

Our FLEXVIT MinY is the world’s first miniband that is specially designed to meet the requirements of resistance training with young people. It enables the supporting and locomotor system to bear an appropriate load and thus promotes physical development in childhood and adolescence.
With the FLEXVIT MinY, young athletes can bring themselves up to a physical performance level at an early age with a training that is easy on the bones and joints and makes it easier for them to take on the later higher stress levels of the respective sport in adults.
Versatile application possibilities ensure a varied training which contributes to maintaining health and preventing injuries.

Improvement of the load capacity
Preparation for the high loads in the professional sector
Avoiding risks of injury by reducing muscular imbalances
Training with low strength requirements
Strengthening especially the important small muscles that stabilize and protect joints
Training of basic procedures for early learning of basic movement patterns (knee bend, push-up, …)

Introducing a general resistance training without weights for posture training and movement improvement
Rehabilitation training for children and adolescents
Athletics training at home and on the road, in team and individual sports
Development of both basic and sport-specific performance prerequisites for the adult sector

Training focus:
Activation, strengthening and stretching
Torso, hip, knee and ankle stability
Strengthening small postural muscles and the external rotators

Levels MiniY:
Size: approx. 5 x 26 cm
cool (pumpkin)         light Elasticity approx. 220% 
mega (neon green)  medium Elasticity approx. 220% 
crass (azure blue)    heavy Elasticity approx. 220%
(normal FLEXVIT Mini between 160 and 200%)

Elastic and robust Mini Band for children and teenagers
resistance: light
Made in Germany with practice card

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